The Windhoek Pure Beer Society is a place for men to find out more about Pure Beer and be inspired. It’s a place where you can hear great stories of men who have stayed true to their path – despite the obstacles they faced. Men who share an appreciation of 100% Pure Beer.
Mak Manaka
From struggling to walk to commanding stages around the world Maakomele ‘Mak’ Manaka’s unrelenting spirit has made him an award-winning poet, international ambassador and inspiration.
At the age of 12, Mak was seriously injured when a brick wall collapsed on him. Although his body was weakened, his spirit was unbreakable. Mak is only 30 years old, but he has performed his craft across the world and throughout South Africa for presidents, governors, musicians, hearing-impaired schoolchildren and everyone in between.
His triumphs in the face of seemingly impossible odds mean that Mak Manaka is truly made of the right stuff.
Chris Bertish
From scraping together money to compete at international surfing tournaments to winning them,
Chris Bertish is a living example of what happens when self-belief comes up against seemingly
insurmountable obstacles.
His story is one of a man who might know the meaning of the word defeat, but chooses to pretend he doesn’t. With numerous tournament wins and surfing firsts behind him, Chris has pushed the limits on waves from South Africa’s ‘Dungeons’, to California’s ‘Mavericks’, among the most famous big waves in the world.
In 2010, he became an overnight South African hero when he won in the most challenging and biggest
waves ever witnessed at the Mavericks big-wave surf competition, after a 36-hour flight, minimal sleep
and borrowed equipment.
Sibusiso Vilane
Sibusiso Vilane, mountaineer, motivational speaker and adventurer was approached by Namibian beer brand, Windhoek, to appear in one of a series of commercials which aim to highlight the marks of inspirational men.
Once a goat herder, Vilane grew up with very little to suggest a bright future. Poverty and the daily struggle for necessities characterised his childhood, but Vilane’s determination to rise above his circumstances drove him to incredible heights.
In 2003, Vilane became the first black African to successfully summit the world’s greatest and most revered mountain. But Vilane’s story is as much about his journey to the foot of Everest as it is about his ascent to the top of the peak and his adventures beyond.
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