Nobody watches Youtube pre-roll ads. So we got straight to the point and used the allocated 4 seconds to communicate our message (that Webafrica Fibre is Fasterfast), as told by our quirky brand mascot.  What happened if you kept watching? Well, you were treated to nearly three minutes of our somewhat tubby mascot desperately struggling to skip with a jump rope while simultaneously begging you to click 'Skip'.  

Who was this frizzy-haired, lycra-clad mascot bobbing and begging before you? He was the ironic embodiment of 'fasterfast'. With a dry sense of humour, an uncanny ability to improvise, and a uniquely athletic build, our fast and funny brand mascot brought the ad to life with memorable catch phrases like "Stop wasting your life!" 

So far, more than 50% of viewers have watched the ad for longer than 1 minute 30 seconds, and 80% have watched for longer than 30 seconds. Not too shabby when you consider 95% of YouTube viewers hit ‘Skip’ as soon as humanly possible.

Art Director: Lushca Brink
Copywriter: Beatrice Willoughby
Head of Art Direction: Robert Prinsloo
Creative Director: Kate Royce
Executive Creative Director: Lucas van Vuuren
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