The Grind – Some people get it
It’s not all about getting it right, it’s about getting out there because brave abandonment with compadres lends to any objective with sweet credibility. Check our tribute to those who know that perfection is a moving target, where the machines differ but the playground remains the same. All driven by an unfettered appreciation of the grind, the glorious mishaps and of a journey so golden in pertinence that the destination is probably irrelevant.
We run with what we love, living for those limitless hours alongside our resplendent co-pilots and those who matter, those who get it (and get with it.) With dogged zeal we stoke our blazing souls on wheels on fixed urban lines, vast plains on custom rides and sticks on fickle waves. Striving, riding it out and knowing with all we have, that what drives us forward is the communality of intrepid pursuit toward the gleaming and elusive end goal, always stoked with thirsty appreciation for the ride.
Some say what lies before us is just mirage but we seek it out anyway, come what may, because, for us, it’s just the way it is. *Brus ..there’s light at the end of the tube*!
A film by @porteus_xandau and @lucasvan. Shot by @julian.robinet in collaboration with @deushomestead
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