'Super Band'
Integrated Campaign
How do you make a mid-range hatchback the car of South African music lovers?
You sponsor the biggest music awards show in South Africa in a very real and exciting way.

The i20 is a car with the best of everything, and our creative solution to promote it in conjunction with the MK awards (a predominantly Afrikaans music channel) was to let music fans create the band with the best of everything: A Superband.

Fans choose their 5-member band from 16 finalists, and the musicians who receive the most votes in the
run-up to the big night will get together two weeks before the show, create an original song, perform live
on the night of the show, and hand over the keys to a brand new i20 Glide to one lucky voter

Facebook App

MK fans can log onto a voting app on the Hyundai facebook page and create their own ultimate band for the ‘Hyundai Superband’ category of the MK Awards.The participating musicians are drawn from the finalists in the ‘best band’ category of the MK Awards.

Banner ads
TV ads

Each individual artist has his own ‘pick me’ promotional video motivating their fans to vote.


The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape
Executive Creative Director: Ross Chowles
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Deputy Creative Director: Lucas van Vuuren
Copywriters: Jonathan Warncke, Gerhard Pretorius, Tom Courly
Art Directors: Andrew Crawford, Hayley De Vantier, Lucas van Vuuren
Media Manager: Quanita Salie
Animation: Hay!fever
Audio: Openroom
Developers: World Wide Creative

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