Hyundai Accent Campaign

The latest Hyundai Accent model is a complete facelift and looks far more dynamic.
We needed to attract people who wanted the refined features of a sedan like the new Accent,
without losing the care-free spirit of a hatch.

The result was a humorous campaign that played on the word “Accent” – and, in a classic case of misdirection,
showed how much of an impression the car made; that a fancy Accent can get you places.
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Director: Allan Irvin
Copy Writer: Dale Winton
Art Director: Lucas van Vuuren


Hosted by the beautiful Tanit Phoenix, a microsite showcased the new look and features of the Hyundai Accent, done in the same tongue-in-cheek style. Our hostess’s accent could be changed at any time.
Campaign over view
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